Housatonic River Project P-2576 Project Boundaries and Operation Levels

The geographic boundaries, that today form the Project Boundary for the Housatonic River Project P-2576, were determined at the time the hydro projects within the Housatonic River Project were established. The area within the boundary encompasses both the lands and waters of the reservoirs and land areas that may never have been submerged since the projects were constructed. FirstLight has established surface elevations for the normal operating range of each project.

Above this range FirstLight has either fee title or water flowage rights that extend to the Project Boundary, allowing the placement of water or ice on these lands. Along each impoundment the Project Boundary corresponds to specific topographic elevations. The Tables below show the operating levels and the Project Boundary for each impoundment.

Permits are required for any uses within the Project Boundary. Knowledge of the operating level of your impoundment is also important in the location and design of many shoreline uses. FirstLight has mapping available to assist you in determining the location of the Project Boundary along your lake or river.


A Connecticut licensed surveyor, familiar with FirstLight impoundments, can provide a map or survey with location of the Project Boundary in relation to your home, septic system, well, and other existing features of your property. A surveyor can also help you determine elevations along the shoreline as needed. For additional information FirstLight Land Management Staff can always be contacted to assist you.

Project Boundary Map - Stevenson/Lake Zoar

Stevenson-Lake Zoar Boundary Map

Project Boundary Map - Shepaug/Lake Lillinonah

Shepaug/Lake Lillinonah Boundary Map

Project Boundary Map - Rocky River/Candlewood Lake

Rocky River/Candlewood Lake Boundary Map

Project Boundary Map - Bulls Bridge/Housatonic River

Bulls Bridge/Housatonic River Boundary Map

Project Boundary Map - Falls Village/Housatonic River

Falls Village/Housatonic River Boundary Map

Project Boundary Map - Scotland/Shetucket River

Scotland/Shetucket River Boundary Map