Fall School Signups

Northfield Mountain Recreation and Environmental Center’s fall programs offer unique opportunities for hands-on environmental education and recreation. Our experienced educators allow learners the opportunity to explore subjects and habitats through focused, inquiry-based programs, taking advantage of the magic of the fall season.

Please join us this fall for one of the many field trip opportunities offered for schools and organized groups. Our goal is to provide quality learning experiences that are both educational and engaging, using the outdoors as the classroom. Please note that our fee waiver policy sets aside limited funds for individual students. Classes are offered on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Please call (413) 659-3714 or (800) 859-2960 to register.

Beyond the Schoolyard

From migrating birds to dispersing seeds to colorful leaves, fall is a busy time of year in the natural world. Designed specifically for young children, this outdoor program explores fall as a season of change. The fields and forests become the classroom as children discover shapes, colors, and textures in nature.

Hands-on activities, creative dramatics and sensory exploration take place in a safe and playful environment.

Woodchucks, Warblers and Whirligigs

What is happening in the animal world during the fall? From insects underfoot to birds overhead, there’s activity everywhere as animals prepare for winter. This outdoor program is filled with activities and games that help children discover for themselves what is happening during this special time of year. The focus is on observation skills as students search for wildlife clues and examine, live and up-close, the fascinating world of insects in an autumn field (weather permitting.) Curriculum materials are provided.

From Seeds to Soil

Plants and soils are the focus of this hands-on, investigative program that offers students the opportunity to explore natural cycles. Students will learn about adaptations in the plant world that enable survival from year to year. In addition, nutrient recycling, and interdependence will be studied as students observe what is happening right under their feet.

The characters in this on-going drama include: mushrooms, seeds, insects, rotten logs, leaf litter, bizarre invertebrates and soil. This outdoor program explores the differentand crucial roles played by these often overlooked forest inhabitants. Curriculum materials provided.

Trees are Terrific

Using the forest as a classroom, this program will immerse students in the world of trees. Topics include forest ecology, seasonal changes, structure, function and importance to humans. Students will have the opportunity to sharpen their observation skills as they explore life in and around a tree. They will participate in a variety of games and activities and reflect upon their experience through writing, and drawing. Curriculum materials provided.

Incredible Insects

Join us and explore the six and eight-legged wonders that abound in our fields. Students will have the opportunity to examine, live and up-close, the fascinating world of insects in an autumn field (weather permitting.) Students will collect, observe, draw and release insects and spiders. A variety of activities will introduce the amazing adaptations, life cycles and ecology of one of the most successful groups of animals on earth – incredible insects. Curriculum materials provided.

Quinnetukut II School Riverboat Ride

Come aboard this fall for a true Connecticut River experience. Learn about New England’s greatest river on our one hour school cruises which focus on the geology, natural and cultural history of the river. Scenic riverside picnic tables and restrooms are available from the boat departure site. These boats will fill up quickly so please call early to make your reservation.

  • All Grades
  • Group Size: up to 44 (includes adults)
  • 10/1 student/adult chaperone ratio
  • Available: Fridays from 11:00 a.m. – 12 noon
  • through mid-October
  • Fee: $6/student. One free adult chaperone for every 10 students.