As part of the company’s commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability, FirstLight maintains and operates nature trails and recreation and environmental programs at our facilities in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Numerous opportunities are offered year-round for the public and school groups free of charge.

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Massachusetts Recreation

  • Barton Cove and Munn's Ferry Campgrounds
  • Connecticut River Cruise
  • Northfield Mountain Recreation & Environmental Center
  • Turners Falls Fishway

Connecticut Recreation

  • Bulls Bridge Recreation Area
  • Dike Point Interpretive Trail
  • Falls Village Recreation Area
  • Scotland Dam Recreation Area
  • Shepaug Recreational Area
  • Stevenson Recreation Area

Dike Point Interpretive Trail

Candlewood Lake, Connecticut's largest lake, was created to serve as the upper impoundment for our Rocky River pumped hydro storage station. Candlewood is a focal point of summer recreation in Connecticut, providing fresh-water recreation opportunities for thousands of people each summer. FirstLight's Dike Point Interpretive Trail on the north end of the lake provides great views of the lake and information about the changed landscape.

The Dike Point Interpretive Trail

Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Entrance is free, however, reservations are required.

Your Reservation = one vehicle holding maximum of 4 passengers and allows you to arrive anytime during park hours.

Park Hours:

  • Monday to Friday 12 noon – 8pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 8am- 8pm

Book your reservation here  www.bookeo.com/DikePointPark


151 Sherry La New Milford, CT 06776
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