Montague, MA – June 27, 2023 – Effective June 28, the U.S.G.S. S.O. Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center’s security gate in the Patch section of Turners Falls will be closed to vehicular access on evenings and weekends, with vehicular access being modified to 7:00 AM through 5:00 PM on weekdays. In addition, security will be present on evenings and weekends to ensure safe and lawful use of the area. The gate is at Migratory Way, just south of the intersection of 15th and G Streets, and just past it sits Cabot Woods, a popular destination for fishing, picnicking and trail use. Existing parking at 15th and G Streets will remain available outside the gate at all times, and non-vehicular access will remain unchanged.

“Restricting vehicular access past the security gate on evenings and weekends has become a necessary environmental protection and public safety measure,” said FirstLight’s Director of Community Relations, Andy Brydges. “FirstLight eagerly welcomes community members and visitors to safely enjoy this popular recreation spot on the canal via vehicle during the week, and of course, the whole area remains available to pedestrians and bicyclists at all times. We thank the Montague Police Department for their ongoing support of public safety in this area and the community for their understanding as we take this necessary step to protect our visitors and the beautiful natural environment along the river.”

This modification of vehicular access follows numerous issues in the area over the past few years, including instances of property damage, excessive trash and litter being left behind, and injuries due to unsafe use of the area, at which swimming is prohibited due to submerged rocks and swift currents. We encourage those looking for a swimming hole this summer to seek safer swimming locations in the area with lifeguards present, such as the Green River Swimming & Recreation Area in Greenfield, Lake Wyola State Park in Shutesburry and Laurel Lake in Erving State Forest.


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