V2G bidirectional chargers at New England’s largest energy storage and hydroelectric facility will support the integration of renewable energy and grid stability during peak load hours

Northfield, MA – September 8, 2022 – FirstLight Power, Fermata Energy, Skyview Ventures, State Representative Susannah M. Whipps (2nd Franklin), and other elected and appointed officials today celebrated a clean energy milestone – the installation of the first ever vehicle-to-grid (V2G) bidirectional charging stations in Western Massachusetts. Located in the visitor parking lot outside of FirstLight’s Northfield Mountain Pumped Hydro Storage Station, the installation also includes two separate, single-directional public EV charging stations. 

The V2G installation, the first at a U.S. hydroelectric power facility, includes two bidirectional chargers, controlled by Fermata Energy’s proprietary software platform, that can both charge EVs and send energy stored in the EV batteries to the grid. The FirstLight operations team, which drives two leased Nissan LEAFs, has the option to discharge some of the energy stored in the EV batteries to the grid when it is needed most, such as during peak demand times caused by heat waves and other extreme weather events, which also reduces the system’s demand for fossil fuels. The Fermata Energy bidirectional charging system also supports the region’s clean energy transition by enabling EV fleet owners to store and discharge energy generated from intermittent renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind. 

“We are pleased to collaborate with Fermata Energy, Skyview Ventures, and Eversource to complete the successful installation of these V2G charging stations, which reflect our commitment to embrace new technologies and solutions to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future,” said Alicia Barton, President and CEO of FirstLight. “As New England’s largest energy storage facility, Northfield Mountain is a fitting setting for this installation, as reaching Massachusetts’ goals of zero carbon emissions by 2050 will require contributions from a wide range of energy storage technologies – this will include large-scale, long-duration storage assets like Northfield Mountain, as well as promising new electric vehicle chargers like those being unveiled today.”

“It is exciting to see new and innovative clean energy solutions come to Franklin County, and I applaud FirstLight Power and their partners for making this investment,” said Representative Susannah M. Whipps (2nd Franklin). “Northfield Mountain is already a major contributor to the local economy in the form of tax payments along with good paying union jobs, and these new V2G and EV charging stations will offer immediate benefits to both the regional electrical grid and to the public.”

“As Massachusetts charts a path to net zero, we need bold thinking and collaboration across the public and private sectors that leverage proven clean energy solutions and new emerging clean energy technologies,” said MassCEC CEO Jen Daloisio. “That’s what makes this initiative at FirstLight’s Northfield Mountain so exciting. It brings together several partners that have invested in an innovative solution that will enhance grid flexibility, demonstrating the potential to scale novel storage solutions across the Commonwealth.”

Fermata Energy, a leader in V2X bidirectional charging technologies, deployed the bidirectional charging stations and manages the vehicle-to-everything (V2X) through their software platform. Skyview Ventures provided the project financing. The V2X program at the FirstLight’s hydroelectric facility participates in Eversource’s Connected Solutions ‘Daily Dispatch’ demand response program and is among the first Connected Solutions projects using light-duty EVs in Eversource’s service area.

“We applaud FirstLight for their vision for a clean energy future and for being the first to bring this innovative technology to Western Massachusetts,” said David Slutzky, Founder and CEO of Fermata Energy. “EVs spend more time parked than being driven, and parked EVs are an underutilized, untapped resource that can support grid resilience when coupled with V2X technologies. FirstLight understands how EVs are both sustainable transportation and mobile energy storage assets.” 

“The opportunity for bidirectional charging is enormous,” said Andy Karetsky, President and Founder of Skyview Ventures. “FirstLight’s adoption of this technology at one of its marquee sites should be a signal to the market about the value of flexible, distributed energy assets and the evolution of America’s energy systems.”

The installation of the charging stations is included in the series of new investments and partnerships that FirstLight is undertaking in alignment with the 50th anniversary of the Northfield Mountain Pumped Hydro Storage Station. The pumped-storage hydroelectric facility functions as a giant battery making it an ideal complement for large volumes of intermittent renewable resources such as the region’s growing portfolio of offshore wind and large-scale solar. In addition, large-scale energy storage facilities such as Northfield Mountain provide numerous benefits to the electric grid, including moving clean energy to meet peak demand, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, improving reliability, and addressing system resiliency.

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