Burlington, Massachusetts, May 1, 2020 – FirstLight Power today announced updates to the availability of its recreation facilities in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

“FirstLight’s first priority is to ensure the safety of our workforce and members of our community who use our trails, indoor public spaces, and restroom facilities,” said FirstLight Spokesman Len Greene.  “Public use of some of our recreation facilities would require continued maintenance and would likely violate social distancing recommendations, unnecessarily exposing our workers and members of the public to COVID-19. As a precautionary measure we have decided to follow the recommendations of the Massachusetts and Connecticut Departments of Public Health to avoid public gatherings by closing down some of our public spaces.  We are also cancelling all group events booked at our facilities until further notice.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause, and we hope to reopen to the public soon.”

Please note the target date for installation of the boat barriers will be May 15, or when river flow levels allow this to be safely accomplished.

Recreation facilities status:


Munn’s Ferry Boat Camping Area (Northfield) Closed
Bennet Meadow Wildlife Management Area (Northfield Closed for events
Boat Cruise and Riverview Picnic Area (Northfield) Closed
Northfield Mountain Trail System, Visitor’s Center, and Mountaintop Observation Area (Northfield) Closed
Barton Cove Nature Area (Gill) Closed
Cabot Camp (Millers Falls at the Millers River) Open
Cabot Wood Fishing Access Area (Montague) Open
Branch Canal Area (Montague) Open
Turners Falls Fishway Viewing Area (Montague) Closed
Canoe Portage Service (Montague) Closed
Poplar Street Access (Montague) Open for Self Hand Carry Only



Rocky River – Dikes Point, Fishing Parking Lot, Hiking Closed
Bulls Bridge – Scenic Area, Fishing Parking Lot, Assisted Canoe Portage Service, Hiking Closed
Shepaug – Recreation and Picnic Area. Eagle View, Assisted Canoe Portage Service Closed
Falls Village – Recreation and Picnic Area, Hiking, and Canoe self-portage Open
Stevenson Dam – Downstream fishing access and picnic area Closed


Scotland – Fishing Access, Canoe Self-Portage Open