FirstLight Power was delighted to partner with the Northfield Bird Club for an event January 14 that attracted 86 attendees–and raised more than $1,100 for rehabilitating sick and injured hawks and owls to return to the wild!

Tom Ricardi of the Massachusetts Bird of Prey Raptor Rehabilitation Facility in Conway was our special guest, and he brought eight live birds of prey with him. Over the past year, Tom has successfully rescued more than 140 hawks and owls he and his team are working to get back to health and release to nature.

In FirstLight’s Mission Statement, we dedicate ourselves to “being conscientious stewards promoting a greener environment in our communities,’’ right alongside providing safe and affordable energy solutions leading to a cleaner, more reliable energy future. In that spirit, we’re honored to support the wonderful work Tom and his facility do, and we encourage you to consider supporting them with a donation sent to the  Massachusetts Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Facility, P.O. Box 26,  Conway, MA  01341