Serving Communities in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania

FirstLight Power is a leading clean power producer, developer, and energy storage company based in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania with a portfolio that includes over 1,400 MW of hydroelectric generation, pumped hydro energy storage, and solar generation. Our locations include two pumped hydro energy storage facilities, six conventional hydroelectric generation plants, seven run-of-river hydroelectric generation plants, two battery storage assets, and one solar generation facility.

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Connecticut Facilities

  • Bantam Generating Station
  • Bulls Bridge Generating Station
  • Falls Village Generating Station
  • Robertsville Generating Station
  • Rocky River Pumped Hydro Storage Station
  • Scotland Dam Generating Station
  • Shepaug Generating Station
  • Stevenson Generating Station
  • Taftville Generating Station
  • Tunnel Battery System
  • Tunnel Generating Station

Massachusetts Facilities

  • Brandeis University Battery
  • Cabot Generating Station
  • Northfield Mountain Pumped Hydro Storage Station
  • Northfield Mountain Solar Generating Station
  • Turners Falls Generating Station (No. 1 Station)
  • UMASS Dartmouth Battery Storage

New York Facilities

  • Leading Light Wind

Pennsylvania Facilities

  • Allegheny 8
  • Allegheny 9