Today we are one of the region’s largest providers of carbon free electric generation and energy storage, helping to bring New England into a cleaner energy future.

As New England’s trusted energy partner, FirstLight Power Resources operates the Northfield Mountain hydroelectric plant, a critical backstop for the regional power grid that can produce up to 1,168 megawatts of power with just 10 minutes’ notice.

FirstLight also operates 14 other hydro and solar generating installations in Connecticut and Massachusetts with total capacity of 200 megawatts.

Northfield Mountain is poised to accelerate New England’s 21st century clean energy revolution through both storing surplus power from offshore wind, solar, and other renewable projects–and delivering on-demand power to levelize their output when wind and sun wane.

FirstLight Power also provides the public extensive hiking, fishing, boating, camping, skiing, and other recreational opportunities throughout the 10,000 acres of land and water we oversee in Connecticut and 4,000 acres in Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley.

Our Leadership Team

Strong leadership has been the key to our steady growth and to the safe, reliable management of one of our planet’s most valuable resources.


FirstLight’s mission is to provide safe and affordable energy solutions leading to a cleaner, more reliable energy future. We are dedicated to being conscientious stewards promoting a greener environment in our communities.


FirstLight’s vision is to grow and diversify as a company, and to lead our industry in providing innovative, environmentally friendly energy solutions.


Safety: Providing a safe environment for our employees and for all visitors to our recreational facilities.

Respect: Showing respect for each other and the environment, fostering an inclusive and diverse team of employees, and providing a strong commitment to social responsibility.

Integrity: Exemplifying integrity in all business decisions highlighted through honesty, transparency, and trust.

Operational Excellence: Continually striving to achieve the greatest level of operational excellence so that our work is performed efficiently and effectively.