who is firstlight?

FirstLight Power is a New England-based, diversified clean energy provider and steward of more than 14,000 acres and hundreds of miles of shoreline along some of our region’s most beautiful rivers and lakes.

For 40, 60, and in some places more than 100 years, our hydroelectric power stations in Massachusetts and Connecticut have been delivering clean, safe, reliable electricity to serve all of New England for generations.

We also welcome visitors for boating, camping, hiking, cross-country skiing, birdwatching, picnicking and other recreational and nature-education opportunities at our facilities.

FirstLight's Vision and Our Values

our people

We are proud to employ over 125 employees across New England. We have built a strong leadership team and we are actively hiring individuals that are passionate about the clean energy industry and shaping our future.

Our dedicated team is working together to advance our mission to accelerate the decarbonization of the electric grid by supporting the operation and integration of FirstLight’s large-scale renewable energy and storage assets to meet the region’s growing clean energy needs by delivering an electric system that is clean, reliable, affordable and equitable.

Our Dedicated Team and People


FirstLight strives every day to maintain a strong commitment to social responsibility. Our lakes and generation facilities are already highly important economic drivers to our host communities, but we also believe in being a good neighbor.

We provide opportunities for local environmental, educational, and public safety organizations to compete for grants, support the local lake authorities, and collaboratively work with our neighbors to maintain and improve the local environment.

FirstLight's Contributions to Our Communities

what does firstlight do?

FirstLight is a merchant electricity generation company with primarily hydroelectric, pumped hydro storage, and solar facilities operating along several rivers in both Massachusetts and Connecticut, serving the communities in those areas.

We provide clean, renewable energy and energy storage for the region. In addition to keeping the lights on, FirstLight’s assets are vital resources that help to maintain the reliability of New England’s energy grid.

what is hydroelectric power?

locations of firstlight facilities

FirstLight operates a dozen hydroelectric generating facilities along the Connecticut, Housatonic, Shetucket, Still, and Quinebaug Rivers, collectively producing more than 200 megawatts of power, as well as an 18,000-panel solar farm near Northfield Mountain. FirstLight also operates two of New England’s largest energy storage facilities, located in western Massachusetts and western Connecticut, in addition to two battery storage facilities at UMass Dartmouth and Brandeis University.

Our administrative offices are in Northfield, MA, and New Milford, CT, and our corporate headquarters is located in Burlington, MA.

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firstlight green initiatives

FirstLight is committed to environmental stewardship. Our assets are clean, renewable resources that have served as the backbone of New England’s carbon-free fleet since the Industrial Revolution. Each hydroelectric impoundment is managed in consultation with many stakeholder organizations, such as lake authorities, to ensure that lakes, shorelines, recreational facilities, open space, and the rivers themselves are protected from environmental harm. In recent years we have built fish passage facilities, developed and implemented shoreline management plans, and adopted operational best practices that prevent environmental accidents. We have also given back to the community through our grant programs, which to date have contributed more than $1 million in funding for many different projects designed to protect our environment and improve public safety in the communities.

produces enough carbon-free electricity every year to power 170.7 million smartphones…
…enough smartphones for 50% of all americans
produces as much electricity in a year as burning 1,847,552,000 pounds of coal… all without any emissions

spotlight on: northfield mountain generating station

FirstLight’s largest energy facility is Northfield Mountain in Massachusetts, a “pumped storage” facility commissioned in 1972 that can store more than 8,700 megawatt-hours of electricity every day, which is enough electricty to power more than 1 million homes. Northfield Mountain is known as New England’s “biggest clean battery” and also provides critical backup to our regional electric grid, able to ramp up to its full capability on less than 10 minutes’ notice, which is extremely fast for such a large generation facility.

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