Enjoy a look at this extraordinary video! FirstLight Power was honored to play a supporting role in helping this injured bald eagle eaglet return to the wild near our Shepaug Station hydroelectric generating facility in Southbury, Connecticut, in late August.

The back story: Last spring an “intruder” female eagle attacked and unfortunately killed another female eagle nesting with 40-day-old eaglets near our Stevenson Station hydroelectric power facility in Monroe, Conn. After not being seen for 5 days, the eaglet in the video was found at the base of the tree, dehydrated and with a fractured wing.

Monroe’s town animal control officer rescued the eaglet, which was then delivered to Christine’s Critters, a bird rescue and rehabilitation service in Weston, Conn. After several weeks of diligent care from Christine’s, the now-juvenile eagle reached healthy enough physical condition to be released to the wild.

Working with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Monroe Animal Control, and others, we identified an ideal location about 15 miles north of Monroe, near our Shepaug Station, to become the eagle’s new home. As you’ll see in the video, after a few moments of orienting to its new surroundings, the rehabbed bald eagle without hesitation flew off to find a new home, and we are excited to welcome our new neighbor. Along with our core business of producing clean, safe, reliable energy, FirstLight’s committed to fulfilling our role as stewards of more than 14,000 acres and hundreds of miles of shoreline along some of the most beautiful rivers and lakes in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Bald Eagle Release at Shepaug