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FirstLight is a leading clean power producer and energy storage company with operating and development assets in New England, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and New York. Our operating portfolio includes nearly 1.4GW of pumped-hydro storage, battery storage, hydroelectric generation, and solar generation—the largest clean energy generation portfolio operating in New England today. Our mission and vision is to accelerate the decarbonization of the electric grid by owning, operating, and integrating large-scale renewable energy and storage assets to meet the region’s growing clean energy needs and to deliver an electric system that is clean, reliable, affordable, and equitable.

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We turn the natural power of rushing water and sunshine into electricity–enough power for 1.3 million New England homes. Our flagship facility, Northfield Mountain, functions as New England’s biggest, cleanest battery, storing hours of on-demand electricity to serve millions of New Englanders. Our vision for Northfield Mountain is for this proven, reliable asset to help fulfill New England’s unfolding clean energy revolution by partnering with other renewable resources like offshore wind–to bring us to the new era of zero-emissions electricity.
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