Firstlight Power Resources operates a portfolio of

Power generation plants in Connecticut and Massachusetts that are primarily pumped hydro storage and traditional hydroelectric facilities.

Our first solar operation in North America is also among FirstLight’s assets in Western Massachusetts. FirstLight’s hydro and pumped hydro storage plants constitute the largest fuel sector of North America’s renewables fleet. With the ability to achieve full generation output from a shut down condition in 10 minutes, its premier asset—Northfield Mountain—is the largest, most flexible pumped hydro storage facility in New England and among the largest in the United States.

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FirstLight Power Relicensing

FirstLight Power Resources is licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC or the Commission) to operate the Turners Falls Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. 1889) and the Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Project (FERC No. 2485).